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Vivid Entertainment Teams up with MGT Capital for New Adult Venture

Bill Asher, Vivid

Vivid Entertainment Co-chairman and Co-owner Bill Asher is an accomplished entrepreneur and major player in the world of adult entertainment. Bill Asher has played a large hand in many of Vivid's partnerships with other popular brands, including a recent deal with MGT Capital Investments.

In 2014, Vivid Entertainment announced plans to forge a new partnership with MGT Capital Investments, Inc. MGT operates an array of gaming websites, including the skill-based gaming site, DraftDay, one of the largest fantasy sports platforms on the Internet.
This collaboration, though not an obvious fit at first glance, makes sense for both media giants. More than 80 percent of fantasy sports participants are men with an average age of 34. Vivid's adult entertainment services target this same demographic. The deal provides Vivid with another male-focused product to offer alongside its television content, videos, gentleman's clubs, and nutraceuticals, while it puts MGT's gaming platforms in front of thousands of potential customers.

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