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Bill Asher’s Early 2000s Growth Strategy with Vivid Entertainment, LLC

Bill Asher, Vivid

Bill Asher is a longtime adult industry executive who engages with Vivid Entertainment, LLC, as Co-owner and Co-chairman. Interviewed for PBS’ Frontline in 2001, Bill Asher detailed a multichannel Internet, video/DVD, and cable television strategy that was rapidly dethroning traditional print-focused strategies employed by Penthouse and Playboy. His firm flourished as the adult industry adapted to new technologies and potential distribution channels.

With his company producing upwards of 80 full-length films a year annually, Mr. Asher spoke of expanding to more than 30 markets worldwide on the strength of a product that was not afraid to present hardcore material in a mainstream market until recently dominated by soft core productions.
Mr. Asher also spoke of porn becoming more acceptable to people from a wide range of backgrounds. While previously the perception was of old men in raincoats purchasing porn, the ability to purchase and consume adult content in the privacy of the home had upended old stereotypes. The success of this model led to the creation of domestic television operations spanning three networks and reaching 40 million households, which led to Playboy acquiring Vivid’s assets as a way of staying competitive in the market.

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